Florida Based

Heir Helpers is a website of You Have Inherited LLC, a Florida LLC.

Our Focus

Our focus is helping families who have inherited real estate, but do not have clear title.

Primary Focus

Mostly, we help families get some money for their inherited real estate, before it is lost at a tax auction. We do this as a for‑profit business.

Secondary Focus

We do 10% of our work on a charity basis, focused on helping families continue to live in their inherited property. This is a limited program. More details are here.

Heir Helpers Real Estate Investment Trust is a trust, established under the laws of Florida. You Have Inherited LLC is a limited liability company, established under the laws of Florida, and a trustee of Heir Helpers.


We’re in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, a suburb north of Tampa, in Pasco County.

Areas Served

We help heirs, anywhere in the world, with inherited real estate located in Florida.


You Have Inherited LLC is registered with the Florida Secretary of State, Division of Corporations.

Professional Memberships

Our work typically involves three areas of expertise, land title, taxes, and unclaimed property. We are members of the Florida Land Title Association, the Institute for Professionals In Taxation, and the Unclaimed Property Professionals Association.